Why I Need to Get Out of Hospitality

Made ya look ;). Happy April Fools Day everyone and welcome to brunch month on HauteDishBlog!

Anyone who knows me knows I am chained to this industry and would probably never get out..even if I did want to. 🙂 I also promise to never post another “click bait” article as long as I am alive on this planet.

I love brunch and I mean, who doesn’t.  I love mimosas, bloody mary’s, all you can eat brunch, eggs benedict, pastries, cookies, mashed potatoes, you name it, I’m down.

I think Spring is certainly the season that has brunch down to a T.  You have fresh herbs that are starting to pop up and also great side dishes like fresh asparagus that is now coming into season.  I’m going to spend a month giving you great brunch ideas and how to host wonderful brunch parties that everyone will want to wake up for.

I don’t have a recipe post today but I did want to share these recipes from Food Network. 6 April Fools Day Recipes so you can prank your kids or your friends.

I will see you in the next coming days with great brunch ideas!


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