Fish Friday’s During Lent

Hey everyone,

So as you may’s lent.  I’m not mom is, but we never followed the whole “no meat Friday” rule while I was growing up.  I have recently been trying to explore more with my seafood but I live in Minnesota..where clearly we are locked by land and great seafood is hard to come by.  I also have a hard time finding time to cook seafood because I’m the only one in my family who likes it.

It was going to be the year that I followed the lent rules. I was going to embark on this “fish Friday” foray.  I have failed but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t tried some fast food fish.  We are all “pressed for time” these days that I decided to compile a list of all of the fast food seafood/lent options and do an updated post once lent was over going over the ones I tried.  The town I live in although it does have quite a few fast food options I am going to limit it to what I KNOW is available to me in this town and with our population only being about 14,000 people my list may be shorter than others.

McDonalds: The ever popular Filet-O-Fish is the first on this list.  In the 1960’s Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s was trying to actually market his “Hula Burger” for the decline in sales with lent on Friday’s.  It’s obvious that the creator of the Filet-O-Fish who was a McDonalds franchisor in Cincinnati had a sandwich idea that was much better received and thus the Filet-O-Fish was born.  TLDR: The Filet-O-Fish

Subway: Tuna and the Veggie Delight.  I think Subway also has some non meat soups as well.  It used to have a seafood sub but I think they got rid of that?  I haven’t seen it at my Subway in awhile..

Dairy Queen: Popcorn Shrimp Basket or a fried Cod Sandwich..they also have ice

Burger King: Burger King is the place to be if you still wanna burger but not eat the meat variety.  Burger King has a veggie burger on it’s menu.. You can substitute the meat patty on a sandwich for the veggie patty.  Burger King also has it’s “Big Fish Sandwich” which is another standard fish sandwich with lettuce and tartar sauce.

Taco John’s: Taco Johns has amazing shrimp street tacos..for a fast food taco they are pretty good. Taco Johns also has regular fish tacos.

Taco Bell: The superstar…the Bean Burrito is my favorite thing on this menu for no meat…they also have a black bean burrito.  I know Taco bell has a ton of options to change a lot of their menu items to vegetarian or vegan also.

Hardee’s/Carl’s JR: Hardees has a standard fish sandwich like the rest of them except it is “Redhook Beer Battered Pollock”. Fancy.  It also has tartar sauce and lettuce on it.

Arby’s: Guess what guys….Arby’s has a fish sandwich..with lettuce and tartar sauce.  The website also says they have a fish sandwich on a kings hawaiian bun at select locations..I wonder if my Arby’s has it..I hope so, that sounds amazing.

Culver’s: I gotta say, any restaurant that has a shrimp basket has my vote.  I’m a huge fan.  Culver’s has a popcorn shrimp basket with fries.  Culver’s also has a walleye sandwich..straight to my Minnesotan heart.  It also has a regular cod filet sandwich like every other burger restaurant.  I do like at Culver’s you can also get a Cod Filet dinner with 2 sides.  It is also offering the same walleye from the sandwich to a dinner form also.  I hope Culver’s is really the best out of all of these.  It seems to have the best options.

I know the list is probably short.  If you have any fast food favorites for lent not listed about feel free to let me know in the comments! I am willing to travel to try something that’s “totally awesome”.

I will do an updated post on the ones I’ve tried/will try!


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